"godaan", however always happen in all of relationships i made.
every relationship i made.

even with yurra.
staying with him in this longest term relationship is a choice.
my choice.
his choice.

say, i'm not the one and only who like him, and he's not the one and only who likes me,

but i bet no one will love and treat each of us any better.
that's why i stay, maybe that's why you stay,eh?

i never tell yurra before
that once, in our relationship, someone shows up and say that he likes me.
he likes me back then.
and still wondering, if we got any chance, maybe.

then we had this nostalgic conversation, rewind those old times, and see,
here what i say godaan.

no need to say who's the man. but yes, that was "godaan".

and i dont need to describe ya, gimana rasanya dapet godaan, hihihi, you know lah.

dan sebetulnya, seperti kelakuan saya ketika saya berpacar2an sebelum saya pacaran sama yurra, saya bisa aja diam2 ngeladenin, menjalani hubungan satu lagi.

but i chose not to.

karena saya gak mau yurra melakukan hal yang sama dibelakang saya.

karena saya mau.. buat yurra cuman saya satu-satunya.

karena saya takut yurra bisa aja punya godaan juga, dan kesempatan untuk tergoda.

dengan menolak godaan, saya berharap saya bisa terus ngejalanin hubungan saya sama yurra sebaik baiknya. dan semoga yurra bisa menjaga hubungan ini sama baiknya.

godaan emang kadang menghibur, benar2 menghibur. it's nice to know that there are some people out there who adore me.

but taking risk to ruin this great relationship? i dont think so.