leaner part 1

well, i'm friggin' trying to get leaner. i mean, come oooon, i thought i was already that slim, except when i look at my flabby belly XD

but then when i figured out that i still got this 25% fat in my body mass, i was like, eww..

so then me and yurra decided to join goldsgym, as i said in previous post. i'm trying to be slimmer, when he's tryin to get bigger, sexier, and more muscular.

so far doin some workout at gym with my boyfriend is actually help a bit, now i can really feel somethin strong in my used-to-super-flabby-arm. is thaaaaat my biceps? gyahahahha gooood then. wondering how great this 12 weeks transformation wud be, i decided to make blog posts about it. i forgot to take pictures before the first time i went to the gym and start to work out 6 days a week, but well, what's wrong with start recording it now?

so here am i, still got flabby belly because i dont really work hard on that part, much more on toning my flabby arm. hell yeah i want to have toned arm just like evangeline lily or jessica biel. do you think it's gonna happen, or not? lets see my next posts then.